Rheem Award Winner ABC7 Morning Blend

Rheem Award Winner ABC7

It’s the time of year when your ac bill is getting a workout, and your bank account as a result. Perhaps it is time to consider a new air conditioner; but where do you begin? AC warehouse is here to help.

We were awarded the 2016 Reem award, and the 2014 award. AC Warehouse was honored to receive this award. These awards represent the top contractors all across the United States. Of the thousand and thousands of contractors that purchase the equipment, the manufacturer chooses the top 20. When you look at Tampa Bay and the St. Pete area, we are the only contractor to receive this award. We are very proud.

When you see all the commercials and advertising, it is clear that there are many choices out there. AC Warehouse is here to help through the search. We are the ones that will be on your side, and we are the one looking out for customers. When you are looking for an ac company that will stand by your side, remember that we won these awards for a reason.

One reason is the continuous training. Our technicians need to go through extensive training to meet these qualifications, which we have done. This is incredibly important, as our technicians are able to diagnose and fix problems with ease. A lot of customers have lost faith because they have been through different AC companies, and they don’t know where to find the pro in the business. In the event that something goes wrong, we have the ability to switch the unit at no cost due to the relationship with this manufacturer, and get this customer up and running.

We are able to provide low cost by getting special pricing with these manufacturers, and pass them along to our customers. A lot of air conditioning companies claim to have gone through training, but that isn’t always true. Customers do not know who to believe. These Rheem awards show that we have gone through training and show that you are hiring the right people.

Now is the time to save with AC Warehouse! 

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