What’s Involved in a Proper AC Installation?  

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Did you know that across the country, approximately 50% of the AC installations that are performed every day are done incorrectly? This is concerning, since an improper installation can lead to potentially serious issues down the line.

As a homeowner, understanding the process that should take place can help you protect yourself from having to deal with a shoddy installation. Here’s a look at three very important steps that some AC installation companies may try to skip.  

1. Using a Vacuum Pump on the Old System 

This is necessary because it allows you to make sure that all of the moisture is removed from the copper lines before starting the new install. The vacuum pump typically needs to run for several hours to be effective, which is why some companies will decide not to do it. However, failure to do this can lead to future breakdowns that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

2. Changing the Vacuum Pump Oil 

After just one use, you can see a major difference in the color of the oil used in an AC company’s vacuum pump. It’s necessary to put clean, fresh oil into the vacuum pump prior to every install. Don’t be afraid to ask your AC installer if they’re using a vacuum pump and how often they change the oil. If it’s not being done every time, this is a potential red flag. 

3. Cleaning the Drain Lines  

Often a new AC installation is done on a fairly old system. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, the drain lines are often have a significant amount of debris inside. After the installation, a cleaner should always be run through the lines. This is the number one call-back in the AC industry after a new install. Failing to clean the drain lines can lead to water damage in your ceiling or the interior of your home.  

How to Protect Yourself  

When you schedule a consultation with an AC installation company, they should come to your home and provide you with a detailed, step-by-step explanation of the service they’re going to perform. You should have all of this information before you make a decision regarding the contactor you’re going to use.  

Make sure the contractor you’re considering is willing to explain everything to you and answer all of your questions. This will help ensure you feel comfortable and confident that they’re going to take all of the necessary steps.  

If you’re considering a new AC installation, please reach out to AC Warehouse. We’re happy to provide a consultation and thoroughly explain everything you need to know. Contact us at 941-755-5555 to schedule an appointment.  

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