High Efficiency Air Conditioners ABC7 Morning Blend

High Efficiency Air Conditioners ABC7

High Efficiency Air Conditioners ABC7 Morning Blend

There are many things to keep in mind as you are shopping for a new AC unit. A high efficiency, seasonal rating efficiency is similar to the gas mileage in your car. The lower the SEER, the more it will cost you on your utility bill to run that system. The higher the SEER the more savings you are going to get out of that system. The key is the high efficiency and the seasonal energy which obviously in Florida is crucial because we’re dealing with the heat.

When we’re talking about high efficiency we’re really getting into the 18 to 20 SEER which is your two-stage compressors and your inverters. That’s a technology they can offer more than just energy savings. That technology you know when having an inverter system in your home can give you humidity control. A lot of people don’t realize that when having an inverter system you can actually set your thermostat higher and lower the humidity in your home. It’ll actually feel as cool or cooler than when you had to set it a lot lower. There’s more benefits than just the actual power bill. Along with the humidity control, you are able to manage it on your smartphone and even change the temperature from your phone! So if you look at your phone and that temperature is higher than you set it at then you may know there’s a problem and then you can get somebody out to your home.

A lot of homeowners have a 10 or 12 SEER system in their home, but the basic model nowadays is a 14 SEER. With a 14 SEER system, you will get an upgrade from what you have, but you won’t have the humidity control that you would get on a high efficiency system.

There is no additional maintenance involved with a high efficiency system. Some homeowners are apprehensive about high efficiency systems, worrying that they may break down or be expensive. Plsu, with our AC Warehouse brand, you will receive a 10 year parts and labor warranty out of the box, so you will never have to worry about a repair bill. An advantage to the high-efficiency system if the outdoor compressor actually fails in that system in the first 10 years will actually install a brand new outside unit for you at no extra charge.There’s a lot of advantages to going with high-efficiency the warranties are a lot better and the power savings.

If anyone is on the fence about switching to a high efficiency system, contact AC Warehouse today! We’ll send one of our design specialists out to your home they’ll spend you know 60 to 90 minutes going over all the details with all the different brands and the efficiency levels we have some apps that will sit down at the table with the homeowner 5 to 10 minutes we can plug in what you have and then show you the advantages of going up and SEER and the power savings. In most cases homers can save thousands!

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