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 AeroSeal AC Duct Repair

AeroSeal is a modern technology that seals your ducts from the inside out. Why do we need it? That’s a great question. The purpose of our ductwork is to move air from the air handler and into our home. On average your typical home leaks anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of air. That leakage means you’re losing air into your attic whether they’re new or old ducts. The fact is our ducts leak. There is different duct seal work with all different types of duct systems. That’s the best thing about AeroSeal.

AeroSeal is capable or working in various types of duct systems, such as metal flexible duct, duct board and all types of duct systems. We have our area prepped with drop cloths, and our goal here is to find out exactly how much air is leaking. In our existing duct system there are several steps to this process. The first step is to remove all the supply grills from the ceiling and install foam blocks to block any air flow.

Next we’re going to use a device to pressurize our system. It will send pressurized air through a plastic tube into our air handler and in through our ducts. Since our registers have all been blocked up with these foam blocks we should be getting a significant amount of back pressure. In a perfect world you would have a hundred percent back pressure. If we do not get a hundred percent that will tell us we have leaks. Elsewhere we have a censoring device that will register that information, bring it directly to our computer and tell us the exact amount of leakage in our home. We finish the pretest required of the system.

Our AeroSeal devices actually getting the solution flow into our duct system and performing the seal as we speak. We put a little sample for the customer so that way they can actually see what’s going on up in their attic. To do a recap, we came into the home today did a pretest to determine exactly how much air was leaking in our existing duct system. Then we applied the AeroSeal solution in our AeroSeal machine and ran that through the existing duct system to seal all those cracks. Then we did a retest to make sure that we sealed all those cracks. If you have any additional questions please go ahead and visit AC or give us a call to set up a free AeroSeal duct sealing consultation.

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