Air Conditioning Surge Protection

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Air Conditioning Surge Protection

Our Tampa Bay HomePro expert Joby from AC warehouse is back with us today. And recent storms have us all thinking about protection. So this morning we are breaking down surge protection for your ac unit.

This is so interesting. Good morning. So you’ve been pretty busy obviously after hurricane Irma, which I had no idea it all has to do with what is found inside this little box. That unfortunately many people did not have.
Yeah a lot of times homeowners, when they go out and purchase a television or a home computer the first thing they’ll think about is, well I better purchase a surge protector to plug that device into. In the event that I get a surge that it doesn’t cause damage.

Right? But unfortunately a lot of times homeowners don’t really consider or think about surge protection for their air conditioning system, until now. Because we’re making sure every homeowner knows how important this is.

It’s very important. In fact after the storm that we recently had we had a tremendous amount of calls that have come in. Once the people know that their power was turned back on they’re hoping their air conditioner turned back on. Of course they had a breakdown and that was due to a lot of power surges or lightning strikes that caused damage to their air conditioner.

Now this is interesting because you were telling me a lot of people may be misinformed or maybe misguided. In effect, if they have a policy with their electric company that they have this home coverage that they don’t need this. That’s correct. A lot of homeowners have been proactive and they’ve gone to their power company and they’ve installed a whole house surge protector for their home. And they feel “I’m safe” right? I understand that for the most part you are. They do work, however they do not protect your outside condensing unit to your air conditioner. So this would be something totally separate that you need absolutely as far as your outside unit.

This is an absolute must. Okay how can you find out number one. I guess if it still works let’s say, you’ve had one on for quite some time. Or number two, if you even have one.

Well it’s real simple. Number one, of course you could always give us a call we can send one of our trained certified technicians out to evaluate the surge protector. If you do have one on your home currently you could have had it for five six years. And it could have taken a surge and taken the hit and it’s no longer any good. And you may have to install new one. Or you can simply just go outside if you’d like and you can look at the electrical box that’s located next to your outside unit. That should be within two or three feet of that unit. And if you don’t see this device connected on the outside of that then you don’t have one.

But this is important to bring up though. Homeowners should not be disconnecting this plugging this in it’s not like we can go buy one of these online and install it ourselves. Talk about the safety component.

Yes, you definitely want to have a trained certified professional to install this device. This device gets wired into your high voltage line of your air conditioning unit. In the event that is done and improperly you could cause damage to your unit or possibly be electrocuted. Yeah, so again if this is installed by a trained certified technician this also comes with a three-year warranty. Okay and in the event that this is installed in your unit and then your unit gets a surge and there’s any damage caused this covers up to seventy five hundred dollars worth of damage to your you ac unit.
Wow, you know we were kind of talking before we started. And I know a lot of times we sometimes can feel like we’re always being nickeled and dimed. Oh you need this oh you need this. And even right before we started you said no you absolutely need this. This is not something to play around with.

Yeah a lot of times homeowners purchase different products and people want to sell them insurance policies or whatnot on those products. And they just feel, I should be fine. This is not something to cut out. Don’t cut corners when it comes to surge protection. Your air conditioner is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. If we’re gonna protect anything make sure you protect your system with a surge protector. Especially here in Florida. So and again whether it’s a storm even just lightning we have lightning all year round, all the time. We’re lightning capital, fifty weeks out of the year.

Yeah all right well here’s the good part too. If you do need a new AC installed he has a special offer for you this morning. This is going to be included right? Absolutely! Any new system installed between now and the end of October we’re gonna go ahead and include a free surge protector for you. All right we’ll do. Jobey thanks for explaining this. We appreciate it and we look forward to having you next time. Thanks so much for being one of our Tampa Bay home pros. Thanks for having me.

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