AeroSeal: Repair Leaking AC Ducts on ABC7 Morning Blend

AC Warehouse continues to offer air conditioning repair installation and maintenance for less we are so proud to call them one of our Tampa Bay home pros and today we are talking about yet another new and important service they are now offering Joby Teel joins us again to tell us about Aeroseal how are you doing today having me good I’m glad to have you here glad to be talking about this because this really is something really kind of new to the markets Aeroseal how do you explain what this is I know we could spend the entire hour talking about it well basically a lot of your homes whether it’s newer and older home they have a lot of leaks in the duct system this could be due to the install of the ductwork when it was new or just over time of the tape and what not releasing itself from your attic sorry very hot and overtime what can happen is you can get a lot of leaks either at your collars or whether your joints are and what we find as homeowners have summers between about 30 and 40 percent of lost airflow and your heating and cooling Wow so previously to Aeroseal if you wanted to fix this what were our options there wasn’t an option other than replacement okay of course on a replacement side you’re looking at thousands and thousands of dollars this technology now available to homeowners gives us the ability to seal the duct from the inside out which can save a homeowner thousands of dollars as a another option okay so break this down this is really cool this is the machine this is the equipment that you bring into the home and it starts with actually testing on what your duct system is doing now correct absolutely we go into the home we do a free evaluation okay the technicians gonna sit down with the homeowner they’re gonna actually hook up the equipment to your duct system and they’re going to give you a full readout of exactly how much you’re losing in your duct system and of course then once we go through the procedure we do it in tests which actually show the homeowner what the test is done and how well we’ve been able to seal your ducts for you you said that the keyword technician you have to be specially trained to use this equipment correct you’re one of the few in the the Bay Area that can do this and have the technicians absolutely it’s very important again to have a trained technician that’s also certified in this equipment running this equipment which we have and we have an entire air-quality team and those individuals that are actually out at your home that’s doing the test and going through the process are all trained and certified so how do you explain because it’s called arrow seal is it literally I mean it’s sealing it from the inside how do you best describe what this is doing to homeowners that’s that’s the beauty of the technology it’s actually giving us the ability to seal it from the inside out it basically starts out as a liquid it runs through the wand and goes through a drying process and then distributes that out as a particle into your duct system one when it comes in contact with one of the creases or an indentations where you’re losing the air it’ll actually fill that gap Wow I’m thinking if there’s someone watching today maybe they’re looking at having their duct work replaced I mean this is the time they have got to call you today second opinion to see hey if you don’t have to replace the ductwork why replace it use this absolutely this is great for a second opinion if you’re in a position where you either want to replace your ductwork or possibly beat your ductwork cleaned again in a lot of cases without having these gaps in your ductwork this will allow us and debris and stuff that come in to your home so definitely give us a call have us come out as a free evaluation that’s awesome and about a one-day I mean a couple our procedure planning that depending on the size of your home this procedure could take anywhere between four and five hours again that can vary okay alright well thank you so much again I know is that AC Warehouse one of our proud Tampa Bay home pros I know you guy your team is excited to now have this absolutely kind of in your arsenal and if you want to call there’s a great offer as well yeah mention the morning blend number one we come out do a free evaluation and any duct Aeroseal we’re taking $300 off awesome Joby thank you so much it’s always so good to see you and we look forward to seeing you again soon thank you.