A Program That’s Saving Homeowners Thousands of Dollars

The PACE Program (Property Assessed Clean Energy Program) helps Florida communities, property owners, and contractors to improve the quality of their homes. It assists in the restoration of local communities, and it creates jobs for contractors in the process. For example, property owners are able to avoid high costs related to installing clean technology.

The concept began as a pilot project in Berkeley, California in 2008, and has helped many communities since.

How does the PACE Program work?

When you sell or purchase a home, you need money to pay for improvements. That’s where PACE comes in, supplying the necessary funds to those who qualify. Homeowners are then able to hire local contractors. Plus, assessments on yearly tax bills are used to repay the fees. Home upgrades may be made in the form of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and/or wind resistance.

What are the benefits of the PACE Program?

The program provides direct payments to contractors. This gets rid of the need for a middle man. Additionally, credit scores don’t affect who does or does not qualify, and this widens the pool of qualified recipients. Payments can be stretched out over the span of 30 years and are applied through fixed interest rates. As a community, we are thankful for a program that builds up the community, creates jobs, and gives homeowners a sense of pride.

AC Warehouse is proud to parti in the PACE Program. Give us a call at (941) 755-5555 to learn more.

PACE Program In Bradenton, Sarasota, Sun City, FL, And Surrounding Areas