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AC Repair Bradenton, FL

We’re an area favorite when it comes to AC repair in Bradenton, Florida. Plus, local businesses and residents choose AC Warehouse because of our high customer satisfaction.

Because of Bradenton’s hot and humid climate, AC repair is in high demand. Florida’s relentless heat can place stress on your air conditioning. As a result, it works extra hard to cool your home during the harsh summer months. This added stress can often cause your unit to fail and require ac repair. That’s when you call AC Warehouse for AC repair in Bradenton because we know that getting your ac repair completed quickly is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

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Common Reasons for Air Conditioning Repair in Bradenton

AC units can be complicated machines, meaning that there’s multiple reasons a system may need repairing. However, we’ve listed five of the most common issues behind breakdowns.

  • Clean Drain Line
    A clogged drain pipe is the most common cause for AC problems. You’ll know the AC drain line is clogged if the drain pan is full of water. Flushing the drain line usually resolves this issue.
  • Low Refrigerant or Freon
    Refrigerant, also known as freon, is the substance or chemical that cools the air. When refrigerant falls below specified levels, it indicates a problem with the refrigerant system or a leak is responsible. Therefore, if an air conditioning system needs recharging, it generally signifies a leak. It’s important to know that a trained AC repair technician should find and repair all leaks before adding freon.
  • Clogged Air Filter
    An air filter that is coated with dirt and debris can inhibit flow in the air handler. Restricted air flow may cause the unit to overwork, which could result in more serious issues.
  • Dirty Coils Need Cleaning
    Dirty AC coils can result in a frozen coil, which will halt your AC operation. The service of a professional AC repair technician can resolve this issue.
  • Bad Relay or Contact
    A failed unit can be an indicator of a bad relay or contact. This must be diagnosed by a trained technician to determine which portion of the AC unit needs to be repaired.
  • Bad Thermostat
    A failed unit can be an indicator of a bad thermostat. To resolve this issue a trained technician will determine which part in the AC unit is faulty.
  • Bad Blower Motor
    No airflow can be an indicator of a bad blower motor. A trained ac technician will be required to determine if the blower motor needs to be repaired.
  • Bad Compressor
    A lack of cold air or a noisy outside unit may indicate a faulty compressor. This issue will require diagnosis by a trained technician to determine what needs repair.
  • Bad Condenser Fan Motor
    An ac unit that won’t start, won’t stop, or rotates slowly may have a faulty condenser fan motor. A trained technician will determine the steps required for repair.
  • Bad Capacitor
    If your unit doesn’t blow cold air or makes a humming noise, a bad capacitor could be at fault. This must be diagnosed by a trained technician to determine repair options.

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For air conditioning units, Murphy’s Law always seems in force. They tend to breakdown before or after business hours. This is why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! And, we never charge overtime fees!

Additionally, our technicians are factory trained to repair all HVAC systems and heat pumps. They will diagnose and repair your air conditioning quickly and correctly.

As units age, they tend to require ac repair more often. Make sure to contact us at the beginning and end of each cooling season for a preventive maintenance check.

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