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Having a great AC unit can help keep your home cool, but it’s not the only factor in making sure your system is efficient. While your home’s ductwork is typically “out of sight, out of mind,” it plays a critical role in the functioning of your HVAC system.

Most homeowners understand the importance of changing out their air filters and scheduling regular AC unit maintenance. However, very few people give their ductwork the attention it deserves. Here are a few important points to consider.

Evaluating Ductwork Prior to AC System Installation

When it’s time to buy a new AC system, most homeowners are focused on the system itself. However, it’s also critical to make sure the ductwork in your home is compatible and functioning properly. Otherwise, your system won’t be energy efficient and will struggle to remove humidity from your home.

When our technicians come out a client’s home to consult on an AC installation, we always take a look at the ductwork to make sure it’s properly sized for your system. If we see that you need to make an update to your ductwork, we’ll discuss your options with you and make the necessary adjustments at the time of installation.

The Importance of Regular Ductwork Maintenance

Regular duct cleaning is a critical part of your AC maintenance. However, that’s only a part of the big picture.

In Florida, temperatures in the attic can regularly reach 140 to 160 degrees. Over time, this can cause your ductwork to separate, allowing cold air to leak out. When this happens, you’ll notice a decrease in your overall efficiency. In fact, we often see homeowners who have purchased excellent AC systems but are not getting the performance they expect because their ductwork is creating problems.

At AC Warehouse, we employ a team of specialists who are trained and certified to provide ductwork services, air quality services, and new ductwork installations. Our technicians are happy to come out to your home and do a full ductwork evaluation at no charge. If we find that you have a problem with your ductwork, we can quickly and easily take care of any necessary repairs.

Some Final Thoughts

If you’re considering getting a new AC system installed, make sure your contractor goes up into your attic and does a full ductwork inspection. If not, they’re simply not getting the job done right and this will cause problems down the line.

For homes that are ten years of age or older, it’s possible that you may have had a new system installed without a proper evaluation to make sure the ductwork was compatible. Your ductwork may be less efficient due to the natural aging process.

If you’re concerned about the efficiency of your ductwork, give us a call. We’ll schedule a time for a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation so you can find out if everything is functioning as it should.

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