How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit From Overheating?

How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit From Overheating?

 How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit From Overheating?

The South-Florida heat is still upon us and you really do not want to be without air conditioning. With the constant heat outside, it could be understandable that your A/C unit may overheat. Did you know there are a few simple things you can do to help prevent your A/C unit from overheating? If you think your air conditioning unit may not be running as well as it could be, try these tips.


Change the Air Filter

The air filter prevents dust, hair, dirt, and other particles from entering your home. If you do not change the air filter, it can allow for these particles to enter, and cause your air conditioning unit to have to work harder and cause blocked air flow. Working harder in this Florida heat can cause overheating.

Check Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels can cause your A/C unit to run inefficiently. During your air conditioning unit’s tune up, it is important to have a qualified professional check your unit’s refrigerant levels. If your refrigerant levels are running low, your home will not be cooled as quickly.

Clean Condenser Coils

Heated air from inside your home is delivered outside through condenser coils. If these coils are dirty the air can get blocked and your unit will have to work harder. If it is working harder, it may cause overheating. Be sure to check your condenser coils and make sure they are not compromised.

Keep Your Unit in the Shade

As the days heat up, having your A/C unit in direct sun will only make it hotter. If it is already having to work harder from one of the able reasons, then is in the direct sun as well it can be a recipe for disaster. Try to plant small trees or shrubs to shade your A/C unit.

Maintain your Unit

Keep your air conditioning unit in the best condition by having your system checked regularly. Air conditioning maintenance can be the key for your unit’s longevity. Routine cleaning and maintenance is vital to keeping your unit running efficiently.

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