How can I make my AC unit more energy efficient?


Air conditioning can be one of your household’s biggest energy consumers—on average, more than half of energy use in all U.S. homes is either heating or air conditioning. And in Florida, this ratio definitely tilts toward AC. What can you do to make your AC more energy efficient?


Clean and Open Your Vents

Having furniture, rugs, or other items covering your AC vents can make your unit operate less efficiently. Think about it—your AC is pushing air through all your vents at a constant speed, but when this air meets a closed or blocked vent, it has nowhere to go. By uncovering and cleaning your vents, you’ll avoid putting additional strain on your AC unit and allow it to work as efficiently as possible.

Close Your Doors and Windows

When air-conditioned air escapes to the outside, the indoor temperature rises, and the thermostat communicates to your AC that more cooling is needed. By keeping your windows closed and minimizing the opening and closing of exterior doors, you’ll be able to keep your home at a more constant temperature.

Make Sure Your Thermostat is in a Good Location

If your thermostat is near a device that generates heat, it may not be communicating an accurate temperature to your AC. Remove heat-producing devices like candles, lamps, and other items away from your thermostat, or consider whether your thermostat may need to be relocated (if, for example, it’s in an area that receives direct sunlight).

Identify Air Leaks

Just like having an open window can cause your AC to run too long, having air leaks in your walls, ceiling, or foundation can also leach climate-controlled air to the outdoors. A careful inspection may reveal leaks or poorly insulated areas; you can also have an AC technician or your utility company come out to give you some pointers.

Keep Your Condenser Shaded

If your AC condenser is sitting in direct sunlight, it can be even harder for it to generate cool air. By putting an umbrella, awning, or some other type of shade cover over the condenser, you’ll help reduce its workload.

Check and Clean Your AC Filter

Your AC relies on adequate airflow to be able to operate at peak efficiency. A clogged or dirty air filter can reduce this flow, forcing your AC to work harder and increasing the risk that it will freeze. By regularly inspecting and cleaning your air filter, you’ll extend the life of your AC unit.

Reduce Use of Hot Appliances During the Day

If you’re running your oven, using a hairdryer, or cooking on your stovetop during the hottest times of the day, your AC is faced with the double whammy of hot indoor and outdoor air. By putting off these tasks until it’s a bit cooler outside, you’ll reduce your energy use during peak hours.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Having an AC technician inspect your unit annually can go a long way toward improving efficiency by allowing you to diagnose and repair issues before they become major problems. Give AC Warehouse a call or visit our website to schedule your appointment today!

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