Air Conditioner Maintenance Florida


Air Conditioner Maintenance Florida

Annual air conditioning maintenance in Florida will help ensure consistent operation and comfort.

For air conditioning maintenance Florida, residents call AC Warehouse. Your ac system can operate trouble free for years, as long as its serviced annually. Maintenance of your air conditioner is especially important in Florida. You pay for maintenance on your car every six months. If you don’t, you will eventually end up paying for a major repair. In some cases major repairs can be financially devastating. The same analogy applies to air conditioning. If you don’t schedule bi-annual air conditioner maintenance Florida, very expensive repairs may be the result.

An air conditioner in Florida, particularly central air units and heat pumps, are extremely durable machines that can operate indefinitely with very little oversight. They are manufactured to operate daily under the extreme temperatures and humidity of Florida. Because of this quality engineering, Floridians can often become complacent about the regular maintenance required to keep this machinery operating. Most Floridians don’t even notice their air conditioner systems, until they are broken.

An air conditioner operational efficiency can diminish by 5% yearly, if it is not serviced annually. So without maintenance, an air conditioner that is only five years old could be operating at only 75% of it’s original factory specifications. Regular air conditioner maintenance has been shown to restore and maintain up to 95% of the unit’s original efficiency. From these facts, you can quickly realize that the cost of regular, annual air conditioner maintenance more than pays for itself in reduced energy and repair costs. Your home will receive more effective dehumification from a regularly maintained air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Florida

One of the most important items to check is the coolant level (previously known as Freon) in the air conditioner. A system that is only 10% low on coolant will cost about 20% more to operate! It is recommended by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America that coolant levels be checked annually. Air conditioning maintenance typically consists of checking the coolant level, cleaning the condensing unit coils, measuring compressor amperage, comparing pressure and temperature to the manufacturers specifications, and servicing fan motors and belts.

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