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AC Air Quality on ABC7

It is so important to change your air filters and get your routine maintenance. A dirty filter can increase your utility bills and even cause a breakdown. Oftentimes, a homeowner can take a filter out with the intention of changing it, but then forget. This will cause issues with your system!

Filters help keep their system and the coils clean. A new filter is the best and easiest way to keep the system clean, especially in the summer months! In Florida, we recommend checking and changing the filter every 30 days in the summer months. If you have pets, it is very important to keep your air filter up to date. There are different levels and sizes of filters. We can even make a special filter frame if your unit requires a size that is hard to find! It is a very inexpensive way to keep your coil clean. An easy hack to remember the age of the filter is to write it on the side, or save a note in your phone. Either way, make sure you are changing it!

When it comes to air quality, AC Warehouse has a lot to offer. We are proud to offer UV lights and other filtration systems to your home. UV lights keep the coils clean. They are installed 4-5 inches from the coils and it will keep the system clean internally. The HVAC system is a cold dark space, and UV lights will keep your unit clean and increase the overall air quality in your home. A step above that is the Reme Halo. This  is a whole house purification system. Design to eliminate smells, viruses, and more. We refer to it as a whole home scrubber.  This will help with allergies, and more to keep the air quality in your home as clean as possible.

AC Warehouse is proud to offer ways to increase your home’s air quality. Ready to start improving the air quality in your home? Contact our team today to get started.

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