How can I make my AC unit more energy efficient?

Air conditioning can be one of your household’s biggest energy consumers—on average, more than half of energy use in all U.S. homes is either heating or air conditioning. And in Florida, this ratio definitely tilts toward AC. What can you do to make your AC more energy efficient? Clean and Open Your Vents Having furniture, […]

How Do I Protect My AC Unit During a Hurricane?

Each year, an average of between one and two hurricanes hit land in the U.S. When this happens, coastal states can experience torrential rain and flooding, high winds, and lengthy power outages. If your AC unit becomes waterlogged due to flooding or is fried by an electrical surge, you could find yourself on a long […]

What Should You Know About Aeroseal Duct Sealing?

Whether you’ve been dealing with leaky ducts for too long or are just looking for ways to make your home more efficient, you may be considering Aeroseal as an option. Read on to learn more about Aeroseal technology and what the process of sealing your ducts will involve. Why Aeroseal Your Ducts? Relying on synthetic […]

AC Warehouse Joins FPL Home’s Stress-Free AC Program

AC Warehouse is pleased to announce we’ve recently become an authorized contractor for FPL Home’s Stress-Free AC Program. This exciting program is a great way to finance your next AC system! It allows homeowners to purchase a brand-new new air conditioning unit without the hassle of paying thousands of dollars upfront. But that’s not all! […]