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Does Your AC Have a Bad Relay?

Does Your AC Have a Bad Relay?

Your AC works like a seamless machine, pulling out heat and humidity from your home and exchanging it with a smooth, comfortable temperature. Every piece is crucial, even the ones that you do not see. A bad relay or contact can cause a number of faults with your air conditioning unit, including a simple inability to turn it on. The trick is to find the source.

AC units can break down for a variety of reasons, and replacing one component does not always guarantee that you will solve the problem long-term. Here are a few ways to tell that you may have a bad relay or contact, and why calling for the AC repair Bradenton homeowners prefer is the best solution.


Symptoms of a Bad Relay or Contact

The AC unit relies on a variety of connections to send messages to various parts of the system. The thermostat indicates when the system needs to turn on for cooling. Relays tell the high-voltage parts of the machine to turn on or off. If the relays, or the contact points for the relay, are malfunctioning, you may see one or more of these signs:

  • Warm air blowing from vents
  • Poor cooling overall
  • AC unit does not turn on

Since these problems can be symptoms of several possible issues with the unit, it is important to hire a trained technician to test the relay as part of the identification process. This will help you discover the extent of the concern.

Call for AC Repair in Bradenton

A bad relay or contact does not always fail completely. It may begin to malfunction, sending signals at an inappropriate time, or failing on occasion. This may make it harder for you to determine if you need to call for repair. It is important to fix this problem, however, because the rest of the system may have issues as a result. As a general rule, you want to schedule service as soon as you notice your cooling quality going down. This may help you find the source while it is relatively easy and less expensive for a professional to fix.

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