About Yourk Air Conditioning

York Air Conditioning got its start by making ice machines. Folks in the US who wanted ice in the mid 1800s had to get it imported during the winter from the Great Lakes. When needed most, in warmer months, ice was not available.

All that changed in 1874, when a manufacturing firm in York, Pennsylvania began making ice machines. The company was called York and in 1914, they installed a system called air washing in the Empire Theater in Montgomery, Alabama. The name quickly evolved into air conditioning and in 1924, Fresno, California had the first fully air conditioned office building.

Now, York is a world leader in air conditioning and heating. Building with their equipment includes the Empire State Building, the Sydney Opera House, and the English Chunnel that connects Great Britain to France.

York Air Conditioning
York Air Conditioning

York Air Conditioning Repairs

Although York air conditioners come with one of the best warranties in the business, as with all machines they do break down. Call AC Warehouse as we dispatch a qualified, courteous repair technician to you as soon as possible. In addition to experience and training on York equipment needing repairs, our technician’s drive vehicles stocked with the most common parts needed to fix your York air conditioning system.

Our aim is to repair your equipment right on our first call so that your home is cool and comfortable immediately.

York Air Conditioning Maintenance

All AC units receive a multi-point inspection. Our fully trained and experienced service technician checks all electrical connections to make sure they are tight, and no wire frayed. Technicians inspect water and refrigerant connections and tighten them if needed. Our technician inspects your compressor and heat exchanger too. Outdoor parts collect leaves, and other debris that need removal. We tighten or replace belts too. If you had problems with your AC service during the cooling months, let your service technician know and the problem so the tech finds it and fixes it.

Often, homeowners have concerns that their unit needs replacement. If proposed repairs are costly and your unit is out of warranty and has a low Seasonal Electrical Efficiency Rating (SEER), the fall is a great time to replace the unit as usually they cost less when the season is over. In addition, many states have rebate programs as well that are on the DSIRE website. Check it out to see what rebates your state offers for taxes or utilities offer for upgrading to a higher SEER. Our expert staff can help you choose a terrific York Unit.

York Air Conditioning Installation

When you buy, a York air conditioner, the size of the area for cooling needs determining so that it runs efficiently. AC Warehouse’s factory trained and highly skilled professionals know the best way to measure for maximum efficiency. Once you choose a system, we make an appointment for installation. Our technical team arrives on time and carefully dismantles your old system and installs your new York system. When finished with the installation, technicians will go over all the features of your new unit, show you the right way to change filters, how to work the thermostat and where the emergency off switch is. York combines many heating systems with their air conditioning system too.

Why Choose AC Warehouse?

York Air Conditioning

Whether you are in Bradenton, Sarasota or anywhere in the immediate area, you have the benefit of working with the best in the business-AC Warehouse. Whether you want a new system installed or your old system just needs a few repairs or tweaks, we can help. We consistently offer service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We can’t wait to exceed your expectations as well!

Have questions?  Submit a request through our online request form or give us a call and our specialist will help guide you through the different York Air Conditioning Systems.