Payne Air Conditioning

About Payne Air Conditioners

Payne Air Conditioners got its start 100 years ago when D.W. Payne and his sons first started building gravity-type furnaces in Los Angeles California. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the most trusted names for air conditioners and heating products. Today Payne manufactures a number of durable and efficient HVAC products that are ideal for both residential and commercial use—carrying on the tradition of excellence that D.W. and his sons started so many years before.

Payne Air Conditioners

Authorized Payne Air Conditioning Repair

Payne Air Conditioners

Nothing is more frustrating than finding your air conditioning system is not functioning correctly, especially in the middle of summer! However, if you do find yourself facing this issue, you want it taken care of quickly, correctly and affordably! That is why it makes sense to choose AC Warehouse. We are an authorized Payne HVAC repair firm. This means you will be cool again in no time!

Authorized Payne Air Conditioning Maintenance

Well-maintained air conditioners are less likely to break unexpectedly and will often have a longer life than ones that are not maintained. Let the authorized Payne repair team at AC Warehouse handle your ongoing maintenance. We will inspect your HVAC unit and go through an extensive maintenance checklist to ensure your system will keep chugging along for many years to come.

Authorized Payne Air Conditioning Installation

If you decide to purchase a new AC system, you have a lot to think about. Not only do you want to choose a high-quality system and one that gets great reviews, you also want to make certain it is installed well. That is where AC Warehouse comes into the picture. We are an authorized Payne installation firm. We will utilize the best techniques to make certain you get the best you can from your new purchase.

Why Choose AC Warehouse

Whether you are in Bradenton, Sarasota or anywhere in the immediate area, you have the benefit of working with the best in the business—AC Warehouse. Whether you want a new system installed or your old system just needs a few repairs or tweaks, we can help. We consistently offer service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We can’t wait to exceed your expectations as well!

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