About Gibson Air Conditioning

Gibson Air Conditioning is the result of two companies founded in 1877. Belding-Hall made “ice boxes’ in Belding, Michigan. The other company was Gibson Refrigerator, founded by brothers Frank and John Gibson. In 1908, Gibson bought Belding-Hall. For much of its manufacturing history, Gibson produced refrigerators. Gibson first introduced air conditioners in 1953.

Those units had an ozone lamp inside to freshen air. In 1959, Gibson invented an “air sweep” method that improved the distribution of cool air from the air conditioner. Today, in North America, Gibson’s sole licensee is Nordyne, who makes these excellent cooling units in St. Louis, Missouri.

Gibson Air Conditioning

Gibson Air Conditioning Repairs

Gibson Air Conditioning

Well-maintained Gibson air conditioning systems have excellent online records. If the unit fails, most parts are under warranty. Nevertheless, these units are machines, and machines break.

AC Warehouse has a reputation for getting repairs right the first time they come to your home or business. In addition to experienced, highly trained service technicians, their trucks are well stocked with common parts needed for repairs. In most cases, one visit and your home returns to cool comfort.

Gibson Air Conditioning

FrigidaGibson Air Conditioning Maintenance

Gibson Air Conditioning

Keep your Gibson AC equipment running like new, schedule, two preventative maintenance visits a year with your AC Warehouse dealer. These should happen before and after the cooling season. We clean all parts and tighten them; electrical connections checked and tightened. We apply lubricants as needed, and we check your refrigerant to make sure it is full.

Gibson Air Conditioning Installation

If you are replacing an old AC system with a new Frigidaire system, you don’t want to trust that

AC Warehouse carries many models of Gibson residential and light commercial use air conditioners. Air conditioner ratings start at the basic 13 seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). The higher the system’s SEER, the more efficient the system. High SEER units sometimes have rebates or tax breaks in your state.

AC Warehouse offers exceptional deals on Gibson Air Conditioning products. At AC Warehouse, we offer both Gibson Packaged Units and Gibson split systems.

Split systems have an indoor part and a component that is outdoors. The inside unit can have an air handler or furnace determined by your needs.
Gibson’s packaged systems work well in the event there is no room inside for the indoor part of a split-system heat pump or air conditioner.

AC Warehouse installed Gibson AC units come with a 10-year limited All-Parts Warranty, Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty, 1-Year Quality Pledge and a 10-year HVAC Warranty on Indoor Air Quality Products.

When AC Warehouse installs your Gibson equipment, the install is by factory-trained experienced service technicians.

Why Choose AC Warehouse

Whether you are in Bradenton, Sarasota or anywhere in the immediate area, you have the benefit of working with the best in the business-AC Warehouse. Whether you want a new system installed or your old system just needs a few repairs or tweaks, we can help. We consistently offer service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We can’t wait to exceed your expectations as well!

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