About Comfortmaker Air Conditioner

Comfortmaker Air Conditioners was born as a brand of the American Furnace Company. Following a number of sales the owner of the brand is now International Comfort Products (ICP) which itself is an operating company the United Technologies Corporation, who also owns Carrier.

The units are well-engineered and ruggedly built. And AC Warehouse installs, repairs and maintains them. Even if you did not buy your Comfortmaker equipment from the AC Warehouse, our factory trained service technicians will quickly repair yours.

Comfortmaker Air Conditioners

The Comfortmaker brand includes in their product lineup

  • Central air conditioning;
  • Split air conditioning;
  • Heat pumps and
  • Furnaces

Features Offered by Comfortmaker

Comfortmaker A/C units are designed for the comfort and enjoyment of homeowners. Following are a number of the features homeowners and small businesses enjoy the most from their premium Comfortmaker unit.

  • Ten-year hassle free warranty.
  • Premium sound blanket.
  • Two speed motor that keeps your home or business cool and only kicks into high when needed – most other brands only offer a one-speed motor. With a Comfortmaker running on low speed, owners enjoy a cool interior environment using less energy. This means lower electric bills.
  • Uses a 2-stage scroll compressor to reduce overall energy use and maintain a consistent temperature.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Accurate diagnostics when equipped with the proprietary Comfortmaker Comfort Alert System.
  • Several Comfortmaker AC units are EnergyStar rated. Ask your salesman which models carry this label as they exceed the minimum energy savings for an EnergyStar rating. This measurement is called the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (Seer) the higher the SEER the more energy you save.

AC Warehouse and Comfortmaker

AC Warehouse is the leading authorized service provider for Comfortmaker air conditioners in Sarasota, Bradenton Lakewood Ranch and Venice. AC Warehouse’s 25 years of experience, combined with their excellent customer service rating, and factory training ensures that your Comfortmaker air conditioner, furnace or heat pump will be installed correctly and within the estimated timeline and budget.

Comfortmaker Air Conditioners

Comfortmaker Air Conditioner

AC Warehouse is the “go to” place for homeowners and businesses who want a quality air conditioner with the latest technology for your comfort and for saving energy. Our professional sales staff will help you in person or over the phone. We are a large distributor for Comfortmaker AC units. The more we buy, the more you save. Not only do we offer low prices, we give you a Low Price Guarantee! The guarantee is good for both residential and business customers. We have an enormous selection of Comfortmaker systems.

Call AC Warehouse today for any questions you have about getting a new Comfortmaker heating and cooling product.

Comfortmaker Installation

Once you choose your Comfortmaker, our professional and factory trained installation specialists will install your unit on time and on budget. Before leaving your premises, they test how well it works to make sure that all the components are working correctly. Unfortunately, many times home and business owners with all makes and models of all brands complain about how poor their experience with a certain AC unit is or was. Most likely, if the unit had been properly installed, chronic issues would not be present.

Call AC Warehouse today to install new Comfortmaker heating and cooling products.

Comfortmaker Maintenance

Also, maintenance is another factor in keeping your AC running well. During a hot summer, your AC unit’s service is equal to driving a car 100,000 miles without a service. So, show your AC some love, and be sure to have one of the AC Warehouse’s experienced Comfortmaker service technicians do maintenance just before and immediately after the cooling season. In fact, this is so important, that failure to do maintenance regularly voids your Comfortmaker limited warranty.

Call AC Warehouse today for maintenance on you Comfortmaker product.

Comfortmaker Repair

Nevertheless, although sturdily built, your Comfortmaker AC unit is a machine. Machines do break down. But, AC Warehouse can repair Comfortmaker units with our factory trained service team and our large supply of parts can quickly fix it. When we do a service call for repair, we try and bring the most common parts, which from our experience, are needed for repair of your unit. AC Warehouse cares about your comfort and your time.

For the best comfort, the best equipment, and the best price, visit A/C Warehouse in Bradenton at 710 60th Street Court E., Bradenton, FL 34208.