Bard Air Conditioners

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About Bard Air Conditioning

The year was 1914, and Bard Air Conditioning was in its infancy. Dale Bard became a partner in a plumbing and hardware store that specialized in making custom metal ductwork. Seven years later, he returns home and with three friends opens the Bryan Plumbing and Heating Company destined to become the Bard Manufacturing Company.

Bard Air Conditioning

From 1921 until WW II Bard makes furnaces. One of every three Detroit homes had a Bard furnace. From 1941 to 1944, Bard worked on military contracts and suspended their HVAC work. The post-war housing boom pushed Bard furnace popularity to a new zenith. In 1961, the company started their air conditioning manufacturing. It succeeded from the start.

To this day, Bard Manufacturing is family owned and operated.

Bard Air Conditioning

Bard Air Conditioning Repair

Nothing is more frustrating than completing a day of hard work, come home, and find you’re a/c is out-of-order. If an outage happens, call A/C Warehouse. We will dispatch a truck to you as quickly as possible. The truck comes with a certified, well-trained service technician who has Bard equipment experience and a truck with most common parts for your Bard unit. Our skillful tech will find and fix your problem the first time the right way. Sometimes, certain parts are ordered from the factory – we arrange to get them fast, so your home is comfortable again!

Bard Air Conditioning Maintenance

Many homeowners think that changing their a/c filter every three months is all the maintenance their Bard equipment needs. While filter changes is an excellent practice, it is not enough of a maintenance program to keep your system running like new for many years.Homeowners wanting protection for their investment in a Bard system arrange for A/C Warehouse to come out on a schedule before and after cooling season.

We make sure that electrical connections are tight; belts are tight and free of cracks. Pulleys rotate without friction, and parts are clean. We check refrigerant levels and add any if needed. Our certified technicians also clean the unit and the area around the inside of the outdoor cabinet on a split system. We change your filter too. Catching problems when they are small, prevents large and costly repairs later.

Bard Air Conditioning Installation

A/C Warehouse sells, installs, maintains, and repairs Bard products. A/C Warehouse technicians are certified and up-to-date on installation, maintenance, and repair of all Bard products. Before we install your air conditioning system we make sure the system you buy is the right size and fit for your so your home cools efficiently. We offer affordable and competitive pricing on all Bard products. The Bard product line includes air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces – check with us for affordable pricing.

Why To Choose AC Warehouse

AC Warehouse is one of the leading repair, maintenance and installation companies in Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida. We offer the top name brand products, knowledgeable technicians and the best customer service in the business. We are not just a here today, gone tomorrow HVAC company. We are dedicated to providing the best service for our customers for years to come. Call us and talk to one of our customer service specialists about your HVAC needs and you’ll quickly see why our customers consistently rate us as the best!

For repair, maintenance, or installation of your Bard system call A/C Warehouse where your comfort and satisfaction is our first concern.



After-hours service call by Hosea got my system up and running quickly and without delays. Good job!

William Guinta

Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness.  Curt is a wonderful asset to A/C Warehouse! He is very knowledgeable, always on time, and super friendly! Thanks…

— B. Kitchel

“I would like to say that I’m having the greatest experience coming from A/C Warehouse.”

— Makayla G.

Kurt Guerrero was very professional and informative. His expertise was valuable in my decisions regarding continued maintenance and repairs.

— Ann F.

Kurt was very helpful in performing maintenance today. He took extra time to explain a potential problem and fixed it.

Ray W.

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