Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

My husband and I are snowbirds. Upon return to Bradenton we discovered a mold problem. Mold was on our furniture and clothes. We called AC warehouse and Pat their technician came to our house immediately and diagnosed that we had a mold issue in our ac coils, and duct systemand that our air conditioner which was put in by another company was too powerful for the old duct system that we had and this was generating lots of condensation and hence mold. Cleaning would eliminate the problem short term but mold would most likely return again. We opted to replace the duct system to accommodate our 5 ton capacity ac unit. Pat designed the system which would also include the appropriate filter and air purifier. The 4 man crew showed up the next day around 9:00 AM and removed and replaced the duct system and were finished by 7:00 PM. The workers were extremely proficient and they left our garage and driveway spotless. Immediately we noticed that the quality of our air was greatly improved. You could smell the difference! Pat the technician returned today and examined the work as he promised and felt everything was done as he designed and done correctly. I would highly recommend AC warehouse.